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1 Teacher – Student Transmission Rose 1537
2 这就是Rose Oliver,做她的学生,真的很荣幸 Rose 7182
3 王宗岳太极拳论 Rose 6831
4 Yang Style Form Corrections Rose 7421
5 Appreciating Traditional Chinese Ink Painting Rose 7928
6 习太极拳程序 Rose 6456
7 Winter Newsletter Rose 5970
8 王宗岳太极拳论 Rose 7400
9 Master Yue Huan Zhi’s Foundation Work & Theories for Taiji Quan Rose 17589
10 Articles from Tai Chi Enthusiast and teacher Ed Hayes Rose 6780
11 Playing the Form – The Metamorphosis of Practice Rose 8846
12 “冠军菜”红薯 Rose 6950
13 Elongating the Sinews and Opening the Joints Rose 10305
14 Daoist Yoga the gentle art of opening the body Rose 10227
15 Shanghai Yip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu Association Rose 8019
16 A Profile of Mian Quan Boxing Rose 12514
17 Recent comments from Ms Julie Netti, one of the first students for Double Dragon Alliance and Dr Li Yong's Conjoint Health Advisory Service Joint Internship Programme Rose 3936
18 Some notes about the Tuina course with Dr. Li Rose 8053
19 Wisdom for A Truly Happy Life Rose 8334
20 Daoism and the scholastic art of staying healthy forever Rose 8984
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Rose Oliver M.B.E.



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Welcome to our home page! Here you will find information about our organization and details about events being held here in China and around the world. Double Dragon Alliance has bases in Shanghai, China; Cambridge, London, Manchester, & Plymouth, in the UK; and Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Durham, Winston Salem & Chicago, in the USA.



If you would like DDA to organize a cultural event for you, please contact Rose for more information.

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