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1 罗建平教授 Rose 12054
2 Chen An Tian - Ba Gua Zhang Rose 15855
3 Artist's Biography: Renee Vickery Rose 12015
4 Fengshui Master Shi Chang Jun Rose 13912
5 Shanghai Yip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu Association Rose 14363
6 Doctor Li Yong Rose 14101
7 Master Ma Bao Guo introduction Steven Tsao 15915
8 Master Wang Ming Bo - Yang Style Taiji Quan Rose 15418
9 Master Zhu Yu Cheng – Hsing-Yi Quan and Yang Style Taiji Rose 14957
10 Master Shou Guan Shun Yang Style and Sun Style Taiji Rose 15960
11 Hsing-Yi Quan ( He Bei Style) - Master Wang Sen Lin Rose 18858
12 Wu Style Taiji Quan- Master Liu Ji Fa Rose 18959
13 Yang Style Push Hands Instructors -Master Dong Bin & Master Ren Gang Rose 16296
14 Xin-Yi Quan - Master Xue Hong En Rose 16697
15 Chen Style Taiji Quan- Master Liu Hong Cai. Rose 14660
16 Tong Bei Quan - Master Wu Mao Gui Rose 14036
17 Hao Style Taiji Quan- Master Wang Mu Yin Rose 16050
18 Yang Style Taiji Quan – Master Ren Gang Rose 24263

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Welcome to our home page! Here you will find information about our organization and details about events being held here in China and around the world. Double Dragon Alliance has bases in Shanghai, China; Cambridge, London, Manchester, & Plymouth, in the UK; and Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Durham, Winston Salem & Chicago, in the USA.



If you would like DDA to organize a cultural event for you, please contact Rose for more information.

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