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Self-defence, Confidence, Health…!


Wing Chun Kung Fu:
Wing Chun kung-fu is a very direct and practical system of Chinese martial arts. It is unique in that it is the only system of martial arts created by a

woman with the sole purpose of fighting larger, stronger attackers.


Wing Chun Theory:
The foundations of Wing Chun are timing, angles and natural movement, which is a sharp deviation from the traditional styles that modeled many of their

movements from animals or on strength-intensive routines. Wing Chun is based on human body mechanics and logic rather than on blind tradition. Wing Chun is

by tradition, untraditional – a maverick among Chinese kung-fu styles.


Benefits of Wing Chun:
The benefits of Wing Chun far exceed that of mere fighting skill. In our modern society we are faced with a far more pressing problem that needs immediate

attention – an unhealthy lifestyle. Wing Chun training helps trainees to become more confident and less stressed individuals. The workout that Wing Chun

provides is also much more rewarding than going to a gym. With Wing Chun, not only will you be increasing your fitness, flexibility and cardio, but you will

also be learning a practical, worthwhile skill at the same time. The new challenges that are presented through Wing Chun training will help keep your

attention far longer than a treadmill will.


We have a very systematic training method, which helps you master Wing Chun as soon as possible.


Free introduction for the first time.


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Chung Ying Yang,
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Sifu Chung Ying Yang has been training in the martial arts, including: Wing Chun ,Taiji, Shaolin Kung Fu etc, for eighteen years and has much teaching experience both in China and Germany.


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